Pint of Science, May 19th – 21st

Pint of Science, science talks, pubs, popular science, dublin, u.k., france - HeadStuff.orgThis May, Pint of Science could be coming to a pub near you! Science is becoming increasingly popular. As such, the ‘Berlin wall’ separating scientists from the general public is crumbling into dust.

Traditionally, the communication of new scientific breakthroughs only happened at conferences or when speakers were invited to give a talk in front of colleagues. These events are not accessible to the general public which limits the impact of some of these amazing findings.

Nowadays, things have changed dramatically. You can click on one of many popular science websites where this information is condensed and made digestible by a science journalist or science blogger. There are loads of great people out there. One of my favourites is Ed Yong who works for National Geographic (He tweets @edyong209). This guy is a great communicator of all things science related, both weird and wonderful. He will make you smarter, I guarantee it!

With Pint of Science researchers are cutting out the middleman. This time, scientists are coming to you, in your local pub! Brilliant!

Pint of Science is basically a science festival for geeks and non-geeks alike, started in the UK in 2012. This event received such success that it has exploded and is now global. This May, Pint of Science is hitting six different countries including UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Australia and the USA.

The basic idea is that local scientists, experts in their field, will present their work to the public in a relaxed setting. What’s more relaxing than a pub, eh? This event will take place from the 19th – 21st of May, with presentations focusing on the mind, the body, physics as well as technology.

Taking a look at the impressive Irish line-up, I can see it’s packed with a lot of great speakers. If I was to give some recommendations, I would say you would be silly to miss talks by geneticist Aoife McLysaght on Monday 19th, Immunologist Luke O’Neill Tuesday 20th and the brilliant neuroscientist Marina Lynch on Wednesday 21st (with whom I had the pleasure to spend my undergraduate internship).

Did I mention that this is completely FREE!? All you have to do is visit the website and decide which talks you want to go to (you will have to make a choice as many talks happen at the same time in different places).

What are you waiting for?

I have already booked my tickets for Pint of Science where I live (in France) and I cannot wait! What a great idea!!


Pint of Science Irish website –

Pint of Science International website –


Have fun!