Friday Night At PROBE | Socialising Science

In this taster edition of Socialising Science we whet your appetite for science in preparation for Space Week, next week 3rd-8th October, with an exciting free event this Friday in Trinity College Dublin.

PROBE Friday September 30th, Trinity College Dublin

Have you ever wanted to build a space probe, listen to the sun and uncover the hidden secrets of the Brain?

Then PROBE: Research Uncovered at Trinity College Dublin, Trinity’s Friday night festival is for you. On September 30th, this free event hosted in partnership with Science Gallery, will feature music, comedy, storytelling, screenings, and live experiments and invites the public to take an up-close look at the fascinating research that is shaping our world –– exploring solutions to society’s biggest problems and learning about cutting edge thinking through debates, interactive workshops, secret screenings and much more.

In Trinity’s historic Front Square, visitors will be invited to contribute to live research experiments and join workshops dealing with a range of topics, from perception and intimacy to food security and global migration. There’ll be cooking demos, a student led meal created from surplus food collected on Trinity Campus, and displays from brand new tech startups working on stress management solutions and affordable 3D printed medical devices.

Other highlights include:

Sharing Station: Facilitated by WeShare Dublin, this space will let people leave something they don’t need, take something they do need, or compost something they don’t want to finish eating.

Digital Footprints: Visitors will be able to analyse their digital footprint with new app BigFoot, getting a live view of how much personal information they’re leaking through social media.

Sign Language and Visualisation: Lorraine Leeson, leading researcher in Irish Sign Language, will talk about her research into the complexity and importance of sign language interpretation when it comes to human rights.

Further details of all the events happening at PROBE here


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Main Image: Probe (Credit: Science Gallery 2016)