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With so many science & curiosity-themed events happening regularly across the country and abroad, we try to capture them on ‘Socialising Science’ with video and a few words. And if you have an event you’d like to include, email [email protected] with ‘Socialising Science’ in the Subject line.

Bright Club Shakespeare 400

On June 22nd, when most of Ireland was glued to the TV for Irelands make-or-break match against Italy, I was in the basement of The Stag’s Head at Bright Club, where thoughts of our place in the quarter-final was far from my mind (although there was someone down the back, keeping the room updated of the never-changing ‘0-0’ score). You couldn’t be further from the green jersey fans in this space, a variety night where facts are mashed with comedy, music and, in this case, Shakespeare. We were a disparate bunch of scientists, engineers, musicians, actors, mechanics, teachers, mums, dads with one thing in common: curiosity.

Adopted from the UK, our Irish Bright Club is run by the physicist and comedian Jessamyn Fairfield (and funded by Science Foundation Ireland). Fairfield put together a great line-up of speakers tasked to shoehorn Shakespeare into their act for a special Shakespeare 400 event. Hosted by comedian Peter O’Byrne, with researchers Kevin Murray, Luke McGuinness, Jennifer Lonergan and Clare Stea, with music from Shrug Life, and comedians Jim Elliott, Stephen Bradley, Brian Quinn and headliner Davey Reilly. Undeterred by the heckles from the green jerseys above us, thumping and chanting ‘Olé’ when we finally scored a goal, everyone did a great job.

The Next Bright Club is on July 21st. If you like your humour peppered with a soupçon of thinking time, then this is well worth checking out. Further details of upcoming Bright Club events are on Facebook & Twitter

‘SEEING’ Launch party at Science Gallery, Dublin

Science Gallery Dublin launched their latest exhibition ‘Seeing’ on June 23rd and I went along to check it out:

There is lots to interact and play with and something to learn from each of the exhibits. And as with all Science Gallery Dublin exhibitions, there are other related events happening. As mentioned in our last Socialising Science on Wednesday July 20th the science gallery is hosting a live comedy and science podcast Level Up Human on Friday July 22nd, there’s For Your Eyes Only – a free late event in collaboration with the Festival of Curiosity, featuring singalongs, exclusive experiments, comedy and live music to soundtrack an after-hours gallery visit that will last until 10pm that night. 

Shaun O’Boyle and Miriam Harte (Science Gallery, Dublin) & Fergus McAuliffe (ICRAG, UCD) at the Launch of ‘SEEING’ atScience Gallery Dublin (Credit: Niamh Shaw)
Shaun O’Boyle and Miriam Harte (Science Gallery, Dublin) & Fergus McAuliffe (ICRAG, UCD) at the Launch of ‘SEEING’ atScience Gallery Dublin (Credit: Niamh Shaw)

SEEING runs until September 18th and is well worth a visit!