Shot Of Science | The Best Of YouTube Science

YouTube is a rabbit hole of endless clicks from one video to the next. This need not be unproductive time however. Amongst the rough are diamonds. Here’s part 2 of our list of sparkly YouTubers who will dazzle and entertain you with YouTube SCIENCE!

The Slow Mo Guys

While most of YouTubers use fairly cheap regular equipment The Slow Mo Guys, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, use a $150,000 high speed camera to show you the world hundreds of times slower than you can see with your own eyes. The results are amazing. They have filmed popcorn popping, discovered in slow mo what happens if you throw water on an oil fire, and have had a tonne of fun with water balloons and paint. They cover everything you’ve ever wanted to see in slow motion.


Visiting a specially built quiet room to see if silence can actually drive you crazy? Walking through the eery launch sequence for a cold war nuclear missile (nuclear weapon excluded). On Veritasium YouTube science host Derek Muller even explains how jetpack rocket science works using a water rocket jetpack that looks like tremendous fun! Veritasium is engaging – absolutely watch it!

Crash Course

CrashCourse is created by John and Hank Green. John is the author of famous young adult books ‘A fault in our stars’ and ‘Papertowns’ and he teaches CrashCourse History and Literature, but when it comes to Science his brother Hank is our hero. If you ever wished you had paid a bit more attention in science class then check out CrashCourse Chemistry or Biology. If you want to understand how the human body and mind works simply for your own physical and mental health then we recommend CrashCourse Anatomy and Physiology or CrashCourse Psychology. If you are enthusiastic about nature then CrashCourse Ecology is fascinating and there is CrashCourse Astronomy if you’re on a Space kick. Watch CrashCourse because learning isn’t just for students at school or college, it should be a life long pursuit.


SciShow is just about the best thing on YouTube after cute animal videos. From the most dangerous chemicals and the deadliest substances on Earth to the nicest neighbourhoods in the Universe SciShow has it all! The team consists of the knowledgeable Michael Aranda, Lindsey Doe and Hank Green (yup 2 channels of YouTube science – he wins our ultimate YouTuber award). They recently teamed up with Google to answer the 10 most googled questions in the world, such as how do I grow a beard? how many calories should I have in a day? How to get rid of hiccups? and the age old question “what is love?”


Check out part 1 ‘Have you lost hours to YouTube‘ to discover more recommendations from the HeadStuff Science Team. Use these YouTube science teachers to make yourself smarter and impress your friends with your newly learned random facts!