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Shots of Science – eyelashes, peanuts, and penis size

Back away from the mascara

A new study has found out not only what eyelashes are for, but what their optimal length is. The research, published last month in The Royal Society’s Journal, Interface, found having eyelash length which is 1/3 the width of the eye is apparently optimal for evaporating tear film in mammals. The role of eyelash length has to do with directing air flows above the eye’s surface, which helps to lessen the amount of grit in your eye. Longer lashes cause shear stress to increase – so maybe rethink those lash extensions.

Eating peanuts may stop peanut allergies

a group of peanuts
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A study out of the US has dramatically changed the way we look at peanut allergies. For the past few decades, western medicine has cautioned parents from introducing peanuts into the diets of their children, fearing it may trigger peanut allergies later in life. But this new study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, suggests that the opposite is in fact true. 640 infants were allocated to group of peanut eaters and peanut avoidance. 60 months later the Children exposed to peanuts early on in life were less likely to develop peanut allergies even when they initially tested positive for possible peanut allergy development


How does your asset stack up?

Passing an occasional eye over my Spam folder has lead me to believe that men may be concerned about the length or girth of their doodle. So it’s good news, I guess, that the British Journal of Urology International has published a robust study with fairly definitive results. The study of over 15,000 men (and their penises) around the world titled ‘Am I normal?’ found the average flaccid penis to be 9.16 cm in length (13.24 when stretched) and the average erect penis to be 13.12 cm long. The average girth measurements are 9.31 cm for a flaccid penis and 11.66 cm when erect.
* This space left blank to allow our male readers to fetch a ruler. *

Average lenth of penis size graph British Journal of Urology
Does size matter? Image courtesy of David Veale et al.

One limitation mentioned by the study was that few of the measurements of erect penises were taken in clinical settings. I guess being measured up by a urologist in a lab just isn’t that sexy.
The study also doesn’t answer the most important question – Does penis size really matter?

For the full details on how to take your own measurements, head over to Science mag

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