Artist In Residence On Mars Mission 173| Socialising Science

Exciting News!

On January 14th I will be entering the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in the high cold desert in Utah to begin a 14 day simulated Mars mission, as part of Crew 173, with an international group of engineers, scientists and geologists. I’m there as artist in residence for the crew, making new work as well as documenting the experience for all involved. We will remain ‘in simulation’ for the duration of the mission, which means that we maintain a 22 min delay in communications (like on Mars) as well as wearing spacesuits for any exterior activities, and living within strict food, power and water rations. Wish me luck and I’ll let you know how I get along.

Full details of the mission can be found at and you can follow us during the mission (with the 22min delay of course) on Facebook and Twitter

2017 Space University Comes To Ireland

It looks like 2017 is already shaping well: Ireland will have its own chapter in space history. The Cork Institute of Technology (including Blackrock Castle Observatory) will be hosting the International Space University in partnership with the International Space University. If you have even a passing interest in space, I urge you to apply. This nine-week intensive coursed changed my life irreversibly. I wrote a series of six diary posts for HeadStuff while I was there that you can find through the links below.


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Main Image Source: Mars Mission 173