Cybersecurity in Media and Online Entertainment

The media and entertainment spaces have been growing at a remarkable speed in the past few decades. However, the two spaces have been faced with a myriad of challenges and cyber-attacks is among the major ones.

Why does cybersecurity command priority?

  • Privacy of data

Every piece of data collected should be kept safely and not be accessible to any unauthorised third party. That justifies why cybersecurity in the media industry remains a critical issue that deserves our best attention.

  • Cyber-attackers have upped their game

Cons and cyber-attackers have become more advanced with time, making those who own sites and vital websites to up their security systems. They also have to uphold the integrity they have always had in the past.

Are there any threats if you fail to enhance cybersecurity?

If you fail to enhance your media and entertainment cybersecurity, you will face various risks that may hinder your normal operations. Below are some of them:

Leakage of mails

If you fail to secure your email account, whether you are a celebrity or a familiar personality or not, in the entertainment scenes, you are likely to have some of your confidential information going out of hand.

The public fraternity may get interested in knowing what you talk with your insiders. Therefore, securing your private data is vital if you want to succeed with your plans.

Content rights violation

Not securing your servers and content may make your insiders leak important content to a third party. For instance, you may be in shock when you realise that another person has already released a video or song you were about to release.

Hackers can also gain access to your servers and tamper with other essential features and information, thus leaving you helpless. Take note that your accounts and allied servers are the backbone of everything you do. No one should have access to them unless with your authority.

Exposure to malware attacks

If you’re looking for things that can interfere with your comfort online, then malware attacks is one of them.

It refers to a situation where a third party installs software in your computer unknowingly and starts altering how the system should operate. You should watch out for such instances. Also, ensure that you safeguard your data.


Cloud storage penetration

When using cloud storage, it might not be easier to detect if you are under attack. Also, the registration process is simple and does not involve any complexities since the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) does not entail secure features. That’s quite unfortunate, considering that it’s essential in the functionality of cloud storage.

The above factors should give you reasons why you need to enhance your online security. The traditional belief by many people that cyberattacks in media companies are the only common forms and not individual attacks should not carry you away. You should be careful with your online security too.

How to top up your cybersecurity?

Upgrade to two-step verification

The majority of people like accessing their accounts with one password. A good example is the online gambling industry. The situation of cybersecurity in the  gambling industry has deteriorated since most players don’t use the two-step verification. They are always in a hurry to access their account and play the games.

With the two-step verification, no one, not even a hacker, will access your account because they will not know how to activate the account/server with the second action required to access it. Security conscious developers, such as Casino Canada, have already rolled-out this security feature.

Install an antivirus

With anti-virus, you will detect any foreign software trying to alter the functionality of your system. It will always keep you alert hence prompting you to take action at the right time.

You can now figure out how media and entertainment cybersecurity works when you consider the above points. You can also try checking the emerging trends and industry leaders to find out cybersecurity is practically applicable.