How to Defy Autumn by Keeping Summer Alive in your Home

Summer has its own vibe. It’s warm, fun, exciting, and vibrant. In the world of home decor, some summer decor can make your house feel like the best parts of a hot summer day, or a beach oasis.

When you think of summer, you might picture blonde hair dancing in the wind propelled by a convertible. You might picture a relaxing beach house filled with the smell of ocean air. You might picture a patio fireplace and a chilled glass of wine. Whichever image enters your mind can be your muse in adding more summer flair to your home’s decor.

However, as the season comes to a close and the colder months approach, it can feel disheartening to let go of the blistering heat and its aesthetic. Fortunately, there’s no rule in home decor that says you have to. Channeling that summer feeling can trigger interior design creativity that can change the look of your home.

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Find a Theme

One great way to add summer flair to your home’s decor is by decorating with a summer theme. This can help you narrow down which colours, patterns, and decor items you want to include in your home.

As the foliage outside begins to turn orange and yellow, choose summer-inspired colors that stand out. For instance, you can create a beach theme in your home by incorporating blues, naval stripes, and nautical elements in your decor. You can also choose bright flowers for a floral theme which can open up a lot of new patterns and props as well.

If you want to kick the summer flair up a notch, consider trying a Miami theme. Include bright pinks and greens, green plants, and sunglasses or flip flops for decor items. Fruit, flamingos, and pool themes are also very summery and can help to narrow your decor focus.

Abandon all the Autumn decor

Home decor encompasses so many elements, and that includes props and decor items. These items can do wonders in terms of adding summer flair to your home during the fall. Decorative pillows, wall art, throw blankets, and decor items can all create a summery aesthetic. For example, lemons or pineapples are great summer props that you can incorporate around your home.

What items do you picture when you think of summer? Sunglasses, the beach, palm trees, and flip flops? Use those images in your decor. Some decor item ideas may include; a beautiful glass container filled with lemons to create a pop of bright colour; pineapple print linens and decorative pillows to bring out a summer feel and add color; plants to brighten up a space and add color in a fresh and creative way.

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Swap Out Colours and Patterns

Certain colours and patterns tend to coincide with seasons and design. Avoid dark colour combinations and patterns that take away from your summer aesthetic. In order to add more summer flair to you home’s decor, find the design elements in your home that bring out an autumnal feeling and swap them with a summer-friendly alternative.

Think fun patterns, bright colours, and decor items with summer flair that fit the image of summer in your mind. This is also a great way to work on decluttering as you swap out each season’s decor items, which can help to clear your mind as well.

Use Light Linens and Fabrics

Blankets, duvets, and curtains can all have a more summer feel to them if you use linens and fabrics that are light and airy. Sheer, macrame, or flowing items will work to create some summer flair in your home. An open door or window that allows the flow of air through your curtains is the perfect aesthetic for summer.

However, make sure you’re taking allergies and air quality into account when changing fabrics and leaving windows open. If you have allergies and you wear contacts, for instance, pollen, pet hair, and dust can be disrupted and can wreak havoc on your eyes. Make sure you dust regularly, clean your A/C filters, and keep windows closed during heavy pollen seasons. Otherwise, it’s great to allow air in to flow through your summer curtains.

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Create a Welcoming Outdoor Space

Outdoor spaces often go unused during Autumn. In order to make your outdoor space more welcoming, bring some summer flair to your porch, deck, or yard. Before revamping your space, give your outdoor space a solid cleaning by removing dirt and grime left from the elements. After that, you can add bright cushions to your outdoor furniture, a new weather resistant rug, twinkle lights, or a hammock.

Create an area you’d want to spend time in by making it look beautiful, offering useful items, and prioritising comfort. Whether your home is great for hosting, is more of an intimate sanctuary, or is family friendly, you can create an outdoor space that’s welcoming for your lifestyle.

Summer is a season unlike any other, and it offers imagery unique to this time of year. Lemonade, poolside drinks, sand castles, and bronze shoulders under tank tops each encompass the feeling of summer. The key is to bring that imagery into your home in order to transform it into your own personal oasis. Soon the golden leaves of Autumn will bring with them a complete absence of warmth in the weather, so keep the summer vibes going strong through these decor tips.

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