The Betrayal | A Short Film about Revenge Porn, Domestic Violence & Sexual Identity

Women have a lot to deal with. Domestic abuse. Misogyny. Sexual assault. Unequal career opportunities. Gendered violence.

And in 2016, Irish women in particular, can also add the following things to the above list. A lack of bodily autonomy. The threat of revenge porn. The prevalence of rape culture. As the general election draws ever closer, these issues are being debated back and forth by politicians and the public alike, as they struggle to tackle the gendered prejudices active in society, and the fight for equality continues.

But these issues aren’t just being contested in the political sphere. This fight is being fought all over – on our social media accounts, in our streets, and, of course, through the arts.

The Betrayal is a short film written, directed, and shot by women. Concerned with contemporary issues like revenge porn, domestic abuse, and sexual identity, the film is an LGBT thriller designed to emphasise the multitude of problems that young women are facing every day.

The Betrayal -
Image via Rafal Kostrzewa

Since 2008, there has been a 31% cut in government funding to domestic abuse charities like Women’s Aid. Just a few weeks ago, #UCD200 raised some very interesting questions about consent, sex positivity, and mutual respect. All around Ireland, women in violent relationships are suffering in silence.

The Betrayal not only touches upon these subjects, but with a female dominated cast and crew, is also combating the gender inequalities existing in the country’s creative forces.

The film’s co-director, Kamila Dydyna, says that by using a female driven crew they are “trying to address the problem of gender inequality in the media industry.” For Dydyna, the film is personal as it is for friends who are directly affected by these issues.

The Betrayal -
Image via Rafal Kostrzewa

The Betrayal has already been shot and is currently in post-production. The filmmakers are in need of funding to cover the remaining production and post-production costs, to ensure it is completed to the highest standard possible.

If you’d like to support The Betrayal or raise awareness for any of the issues mentioned you can do so by clicking here.

Visit The Betrayal’s website. 

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