The Week on Twitter | Prince, McGregor, and Johnny Depp

This week, Conor McGregor retired, we all said goodbye to Prince, Conor McGregor didn’t retire, and Johnny Depp said sorry. Twitter also used the #WhenIWas hashtag to talk about sexual harassment, and the #WhatYouDontSee tag to raise awareness for depression.

@TheNotoriousMMA announces retirement, then doesn’t retire #ConorMcGregor 

Earlier this week, Conor McGregor tweeted that he was going to retire young. Lots of people who enjoy MMA and McGregor’s general brand were really upset by this tweet because they like watching McGregor fight in UFC matches, and do Budweiser ads, and stuff.

There was much speculation around McGregor’s tweet, despite him literally stating that he was retiring. However, as it turns out, this speculation was actually warranted because a few days later McGregor made another announcement via his Facebook page.

His statement read that he was sick of doing hours of promotion for his fights when he needed to spend that time training in isolation, that he was aware many (female) reporters only asked him stuff because they wanted to “get her little tight ass a nice raise,” and that, for the record, he was “NOT RETIRED.”

McGregor’s statement got just about everyone in the MMA fandom really excited and stuff because they like him and are glad that he has no plans to go away. The announcement also garnered much support from other MMA fighters, some of whom took to Twitter to express their approval of McGregor’s demands.

UFC have yet to confirm whether or not they will allow McGregor to fight in UFC200 without attending all of his press conferences.

#JohnnyDepp and #AmberHeard record apology video

Last year Johnny Depp and Amber Heard flew to Australia with some dogs that they forgot to declare. This apparently made front page news in Australia where they take customs very, very seriously. The two were warned that if they did not take their pets back to America they would have to be euthanised.

This week, Depp and Heard recorded an apology video for the Australian courts highlighting their violation of the country’s customs laws, and the “treasure trove of unique plants, animals and people” that one might find there. The video concluded with Depp and Heard urging everyone to respect Australian law and to “declare everything when you enter Australia.”

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Lots of people on the internet were amused by the video because it was strange, deadpan, and Johnny Depp was just not into it at all. Those people tweeted about it.

Twitter talks sexual harassment with #WhenIWas hashtag

Tuesday saw social media awash with accounts of sexual harassment, sexual violence and sexism. Thousands of women took to Twitter to share their experiences in the #WhenIWas hashtag, to prove just how young they were when they first began experiencing harassment.

The world says goodbye to #Prince 

On Thursday, it was reported that singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and actor Prince had died. He had been found at his home and recording studio in Minnesota by emergency services that morning after someone had placed a 911 call. He was 57 years old.

Fans, friends, and everybody in the entire world took to social media to mourn the death of Prince. Here are some of their tweets.

#WhatYouDontSee tag raises awareness for depression #DepressionAwarenessWeek

This week was Depression Awareness Week – a week dedicated to talking about depression and anxiety and attempting to erase the stigma still surrounding them and other mental illnesses like them.

During the week, the good people of Twitter used the #WhatYouDontSee hashtag to discuss their own experiences with depression.

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