The Week on Twitter | Ghostbusters, Boris Johnson, & Pokemon GO

This week, the new Ghostbusters movie landed in cinemas and Boris Johnson landed himself a new job. Jennifer Aniston also spoke about sexism, and everybody in the whole world played Pokemon GO.

#Ghostbusters release annoys some men, enthralls everybody else

This week, Ghostbusters came out in the cinema. It’s been a long time coming, and after one questionable trailer, another better trailer, many screenshots of Kate McKinnon looking unreal, and thousands of entitled little men across the world complaining about their childhoods being compromised and women ruining EVERYTHING (!!), it turns out that, surprise surprise, it’s a good movie.

IMDb would like to tell you differently, but that’s only because supposedly a load of angry boys are giving the movie really low ratings. That’s according to some voting statistics that were released a few days ago, which show that men gave Ghostbusters an average rating of 3.4, while women rated it more positively with a 6.4.

Maybe these men simply don’t enjoy fun films about women doing actual things that aren’t merely sexual, existing only for the pleasure of another man and nothing else. Or maybe they just really like ghosts, and can’t abide the idea of them being busted. Either way, people are still going to see Ghostbusters, and tweeting things about it, and you should too.

#BorisJohnson becomes the UK’s new Foreign Secretary

On July 13th Boris Johnson was appointed as Britain’s Foreign Secretary, and nobody could quite believe it. People were surprised because of Johnson’s prompt distancing of himself from the Tory leadership after his deceptive, albeit successful, Brexit campaign. People were surprised because Johnson told a lot of lies in the lead up to the UK’s EU referendum and he seems to have lost whatever trust a lot of members of the British public may have had in him. But mainly, people are surprised because Johnson is a big ol’ racist whose job now includes representing Britain overseas, attending diplomatic meetings, and being in charge of MI6 (yes, really).

Upon giving his first speech in his new role, Johnson was booed, though reports from the French Embassy have varied with others suggesting that the majority of the crowd did applaud their new Foreign Secretary. A poll conducted by the Telegraph even shows that 58% of their readers believe Johnson is right for the job.

Either way, the irony of his new position has not been lost on anyone. Some of those people took to Twitter to express their concerns, and to make some (more) Boris-based jokes.

#JenniferAniston is fed up

Everybody likes Jennifer Aniston. Her being a nice and good person with amazing hair is generally a thing we can all agree on. And this week, Aniston proved herself to be, yet again, a very good person as she published an open letter about sexism, the objectification of the female body, and how she’s just fed up with being asked if she’s pregnant all the time.

In it, Aniston spoke about the pressures young girls and women are facing through the media, celebrity culture, and society itself, which deems women all but worthless unless they are slim, hard working, beautiful, healthy, and successful, with a loving husband and about 7 children by their side, because what sane woman could ever be happy without an army of kids and a man, right??

Aniston’s point is that we all get to make our own happiness – one that’s not defined by unrealistic expectations of beauty, marriage, pregnancy, or whatever shape your body happens to be. She says that she’s tired of tabloids dehumanising her, and that she’s sick of being “…made to feel “less than” because my body is changing and/or I had a burger for lunch and was photographed from a weird angle and therefore deemed one of two things: “pregnant” or “fat.””

Lots of people agreed with Aniston, praised her letter, and tweet about her also.

#PokemonGO becomes a thing. A really big thing.

Everyone’s playing Pokemon GO. Everyone. Those who aren’t playing Pokemon GO are talking about Pokemon GO and wishing it would be available in Ireland already so they could just download it without changing the regions on their phone and risk bricking it or something. Those who aren’t doing that are complaining about how much everyone else is either playing or talking about Pokemon GO. Those people are boring and should not be trusted.

This week, Pokemon GO was all over Twitter. People were screenshotting Pokemon in the street, Pokemon in their kitchens, Pokemon in their ex’es houses, and Pokemon in the Holocaust museum. They were also organising big Pokemon meet ups, and going out and making some new friends and catching all their Pokemon and never speaking to those people again because the overt betrayal was too much to handle, but it was okay because it’s all part of the fun of Pokemon GO and nobody’s feelings were hurt, probably.

Pokemon GO was released officially in the UK today, so that most likely means we’ll have it here within the next few days (maybe).


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