The Week on Twitter: Donald Trump, Teresa Mannion, & Serial

Lots of stuff happened this week. That stuff includes Teresa Mannion becoming the Queen of Ireland, Donald Trump being awful and trending for about seven days straight, and everyone in the world who vaguely knows what a podcast is being really excited by the long awaited return of Serial. Some other stuff also happened too, like people on Twitter ruining Christmas movies, and complaining about Snapchat being down.

Petition to keep #DonaldTrump out of the UK yields some interesting (and unsurprising) results

Self-aggrandising bigot Donald Trump has made some more comments confirming just how much of a self-aggrandising bigot he is. On Monday, the Republican presidential front-runner declared that he was advocating for a ban on all Muslims attempting to immigrate to the United States. His comments came after a shooting in San Barnardio, California, where 14 people were killed.

Following this, Trump also stated that he believed the UK had a “massive Muslim problem,” and that parts of London had become “radicalised.” He also began tweeting about how more people join ISIS each year than join the British army.

Trump’s comments were met with adverse responses from almost everybody, who deemed them irresponsible, inaccurate, and downright racist. Someone even launched a petition to bar him from the UK on the grounds of hate speech against the Muslim community. Although the British government have stated they will not stop Trump from entering the UK, the petition continues to gain signatures. Today, it reached over half a million.

Trump trended on Twitter for the majority of the week; predominately because of his blatant xenophobia, but also because he got attacked by a bald eagle during a photo shoot for TIME magazine, and it was funny.

However, not everybody was as disgusted by Trump’s recent spewing of stupidity and words and stuff. Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan took it upon themselves to announce their utmost support of the presidential candidate’s claims. Apparently, Hopkins even knows at least one person who won’t go to London because all of those pesky, radical Muslims simply make it too scary.

@MANNIOT becomes a meme #TeresaMannion #StormDesmond

I don’t need to explain what happened to Teresa Mannion on Saturday evening. We all know. We all witnessed it. We also all engaged with the various remixes, memes, and generally great tweets generated by that glorious broadcast throughout the week. And it was funny.

If you (somehow) missed any of them, they are here for you to enjoy. If you didn’t miss any of them, but are still as equally enthralled and amused as you were when you first saw them and would therefore like to see them again, they are here for you to enjoy also.

#Serial dropped its second season and everybody was very happy #serialseason2

On Thursday, Serial season two appeared on the internet and it was good. Lots of people who love podcasts were happy because Serial is a good podcast, and lots of people who don’t really love podcasts that much were also happy because Serial is just that good. Last year, it got around 100 million downloads or something, which is definitely a lot.

In its first season, Serial focused on the potential wrongful conviction of Adnan Syed, who was imprisoned for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. This year, journalist and narrator Sarah Koenig is asking ‘why?’ rather than ‘who?’ as she examines the case of Bowe Berhdahl – a solider who willingly left his post in Afghanistan, and was subsequently held captive by the Taliban for five years.

Here’s an article about Berhdahl if you haven’t listened to Serial yet, or if you simply enjoy reading things you could also easily listen to.

And here are some tweets about the long awaited #Serial2.

#Snapchat goes down for one whole day

On Tuesday, Snapchat went down and everybody freaked out. Well, some people freaked out, and others didn’t really notice, because it’s Snapchat. Apparently the app was having some problems with its Google servers, and it took them a whole 24 hours to fix it.

What this meant was that lots of stories weren’t updating, lots of new snaps could not be viewed, and nobody got to see that really funny picture I took of my rabbit with a sunglasses emoji placed strategically over his eyes. It was tragic.

Twitter likes to #RuinAChristmasMovie

Today, #RuinAChristmasMovie is trending, because people like to ruin Christmas movies by adding words to their titles, replacing words with other words, or just declaring that some Christmas movies are basically crap and therefore already ruined by their own existence.

Most of these tweets are about Home Alone in one way or another; which is okay because we all know that Home Alone 1-2 are good movies and cannot be ruined, and also that Home Alone 3-4 or however many of them they eventually made were ruined upon release anyway.

Featured image via TIME