The Week on Twitter: Late Late Toy Show, Jon Snow, & Cats

This week, the Toy Show was on the telly, and Twitter talked about it lots. Like, a lot. Like, it was the second highest trending topic in the world, or something. But despite all the Christmas induced excitement, overt slagging of young children, and genuine queries as to whether Ryan Tubridy was actually on cocaine, Twitter managed to talk about some other things too. Those included Jon Snow on the latest Game of Thrones promo poster, Katie Hopkins being awful, a Planned Parenthood shooting, and many, many cat pictures.

#LateLateToyShow enthralls all

The Toy Show was on last night. But you know that don’t you? You, like everybody else in the country, sat and watched it and had the greatest night of your life because it’s incredible, the kids are gas, the toys never work, and Ryan is always in a bit of a hoop. And if you somehow managed to not watch the Toy Show (?), you definitely sat around on Twitter reading everybody’s fire tweets about it wishing that you were watching it because, let’s be honest, you’re not a monster.

The Toy Show was good this year. It had My Little Pony deaths, the future IFA president rapping, David Walliams, Ryan dressed as a candle, an Evelyn Cusack fanboy, a child nearly cursing at FIFA, a menacing threat to ‘Fear the Deere,’ Ryan getting schooled by multiple children, and lots and lots of things for everybody in the audience.

Here’s some tweets about it.

#BrusselsLockdown generates excess amount of cat pictures and it’s great

From Saturday, Brussels was on lockdown due to the high alert of a potential terrorist attack. Authorities in Belgium’s capital were on the look out for Salah Abdeslam, who has been on the run since the Paris attacks two weeks ago.

During the lockdown, Brussels residents were asked not to post any information or images about the raids on social media, lest they provide suspects with reports of the Belgian authorities’ location. Instead, they saturated the #BrusselsLockdown tag with pictures of cats doing various things, like lying down, stretching, sleeping, looking pissed off – things that cats generally do.

It was nice.

#PlannedParenthood clinic shooting claims three lives #StandWithPP

Yesterday, an act of “domestic terrorism” at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado left three dead. Two civilians and one police officer were killed when a gunman held the clinic hostage for six hours, before he was detained by the authorities.

In a statement, Planned Parenthood said they had no knowledge as to the motive of the attack, but that they will “never back away from providing care in a safe, supportive environment that millions of people rely on and trust.” Planned Parenthood provide a wide range of reproductive and health services to US citizens, including contraceptives, STI checks and treatments, and abortion services.

Following the attack, #StandWithPP trended on Twitter as thousands took to the site to express their outrage, condemn those who were actively supporting the attack, and to expose the glaring hypocrisy of the ‘pro-life’ movement in America.

Students stage protest against #KatieHopkins

During the week, students at Brunel University decided to attend a debate featuring Apprentice contestant, Daily Mail columnist, and general awful person Katie Hopkins… And when she started talking, they all walked out. The university had organised the event to debate the relevance of the welfare state in 2015 – a topic that Hopkins no doubt had lots of horrible things to say about. But nobody listened to the things that she said because most of them left the room, so it was fine.

Some called the protest an attack on free speech. Others applauded the students for their inventive demonstration. Hopkins herself did what she does best, and kept talking at nobody, complained on Twitter, and moaned about students being offended by offensive things.

#JonSnow is dead. Or is he?! #GameofThrones #YouKnowNothingJonSnow

This week, HBO released their first teaser promo poster for the next series of Game of Thrones. Everybody got really excited because Jon Snow was on the poster, and *spoiler* Jon Snow supposedly died last season when the Night’s Watch were absolute bastards and betrayed him with lots of knives and stabbings and stuff.

People tweeted lots of tweets about Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow, and C4 news presenter Jon Snow got in on the action too, because he is also called Jon Snow, and he likes to draw attention to this fact.

RIP Jon Snow. Or don’t. I don’t know.

Featured image via The Late Late Show