The Week on Twitter: Pigs, Ploughs, and Web Summits

Lots and lots of stuff happened this week. I wrote about some of them already, but I’m going to write about them again and include some tweets too because they were pretty important, and also funny. The important one was the Shout Your Abortion hashtag, and the funny one was David Cameron having sexual relations with a pig. Some other things that also happened were bisexuality visibility day, the Web Summit moving to Lisbon, and the eagerly anticipated ploughing championships.

#ShoutYourAbortion, #MarchForChoice, and reduce the stigma associated with abortion

This week, #ShoutYourAbortion trended worldwide and it was great. Why? Because thousands of women chose to speak about their abortions, erase the shame associated with termination, and share their stories with the world. The movement was started by Amelia Bonow and Lindy West when it was revealed that the US were cutting funds to Planned Parenthood unless the organisation could prove that they did not offer abortion services. I wrote about how important the tag was over here… But that article didn’t include any tweets so here are some good ones.

Today also marks the eve of the fourth annual #MarchForChoice. It’s trending now, and most likely will be for the weekend too, which is great. The march starts tomorrow at the Garden of Remembrance at 2pm, so make sure you go and support basic human rights, let your voice be heard, and be a good human, etc.

#WebSummit dumps Dublin for Lisbon

Described by some as “the best technology conference on the planet,” Web Summit has been delighting its attendees with all things technology-y, web-y, and summit-y for 4 great years. But now, it has decided that it’s moving to Lisbon.

According to Bord Failte, the summit raised over €100m for the local economy last year – at least 90% of which is probably thanks to sky-rocketing hotel prices, and the RDS’s unwillingness to pay for decent WiFi.

We will miss you Web Summit. Please come back soon. We promise to fix the WiFi. Maybe.

#PigGate, #Hameron, #NetflixandSwill, #BaeOfPigs, etc etc…

Sunday night was a great night for many reasons. It was the night that the Daily Mail published an extract of a book that claimed Prime Minister David Cameron placed his penis inside of a dead pig’s head while he was at Oxford. It was the night that Charlie Brooker realised the true extent of his clairvoyant powers. And it was the night that Twitter came together in a frenzy of pure unadulterated merriment, as we laughed at Cameron, made lots and lots of pig jokes, and then made more pig jokes. Anybody choosing not to join in on the fun or make a pig joke was unfollowed and blocked. It was a good night.

I got up extra early on Monday morning to write a little something about #PigGate, which you can read here. It was all very exciting.

Alternatively, you could scroll through this carefully handpicked selection of pig joke tweets either. They’re good.

Cameron has yet to make a statement regarding the allegations. Although, he did tweet about his stance on the refugee crisis soon afterwards, to which one user responded “oink.” Very apt.

The National Ploughing Championships are a go! #Ploughing2015

This week, the country’s National Ploughing Championships occurred. Some people were afraid they were going to move to Lisbon too, but thankfully they didn’t. With almost 300,000 attendees last year, the NPC is Europe’s largest agricultural trade show and exhibition. Lots of users took to Twitter to express just how excited and enthralled they were to attend, or not attend, the event.

Twitter celebrates #BiVisibilityDay!

September 23rd marks the annual celebration of Bisexual Visibility Day, or Bisexual Pride Day. The day was first recognised in 1999 by American bisexual rights activists Wendy Curry, Michael Page, and Gigi Raven Wilbur, who started the movement to ensure that those who identify as bisexual weren’t invisible within the LGBT community.

On Wednesday, Twitter celebrated, and refuted some myths about bisexuality.

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