They’ll Send T-shirts to Your Front Door!


24 Tees sent me a lovely black box. The kind of lovely black box that if it arrived in the post and you didn’t know what it was, you would do all your chores before opening it incase it was going to reshape the rest of your day. I knew what it was however so I tore it open so I could get those nice fabrics in amongst my fingers.


24Tees, 24 tees, t-shirt subscription box, monthly, nice design, dog - HeadStuff.orgIt’s a monthly subscription box and they send you two new t-shirts every month. Right to your door, in the nice black box, and it’s such a nice surprise, even if you’re expecting it.


Here’s the website, you can sign up and get yourself all wrapped up and decorated in the t-shirts; two new designs every month. By the end of the year you’ll have 24 different t-shirts. Hey! The name of the company is 24Tees! That’s a nice coincidence.


I’m not much of a selfie guy but I selfied the shit out of these t-shirts, so the pictures are here for you to ignore. Definitely have a look at the 24 Tees website though, you can go through the designs and pick the ones you like. It’s fun and it’s inexpensive, like climbing trees or asking strangers if they can tell you how to get, how to get to Sesame Street.


24Tees, 24 tees, t-shirt subscription box, monthly, nice design -
Me modeling the T-shirts in awkward fashion in a toilet.

Inexpensive meaning £15.50 per month, sure you’d buy one quality t-shirt for that. You’d be mad not to. And if you decide that you’d be mad not to, so you sign up, and then you discover you were mad to sign up (maybe you don’t have a torso) it’s easy to cancel your subscription from the account page.


In future months they’re going to collaborate with brilliant outside artists and increase the selection to 6 options per month, ensuring there is always something for everyone’s taste. So even if you do like mushrooms and don’t like chocolate, there’s probably a t-shirt for you (whether or not you deserve it).


24Tees, 24 tees, t-shirt subscription box, monthly, nice design -
I was uncomfortable with all the selfies so I did this to make up for it. I’m quite comfortable with my lacking Photoshop skills.