The Week on Twitter | Brexit, Anton Yelchin, & the Euros

This week, The UK decided to leave the EU, we said goodbye to Anton Yelchin, and hailed Robbie Brady as our fine and glorious leader following Ireland’s match against Italy on Wednesday.

The UK votes for #Brexit to the surprise of, well, everyone

In the early hours of Friday morning, it became clear that the British public had voted to leave the EU. To the surprise of everyone – including the Leave side – almost 17 and a half million people (51.9%) voted in favour of Brexit. According to lots of Leave voters who were interviewed on the BBC this morning, the referendum result came as a shock, as they didn’t think it would happen, or that their vote actually mattered.

Brexit means a lot of different things for the UK; most of which nobody is certain of just yet. According to UKIP leader Nigel Farage, now is the time to formulate a plan as to what will happen next, rather than actually having had a plan ready to set in motion should Britain indeed vote to leave. Supposedly Article 50 will not be addressed until a later stage – and the UK will not have to formally withdraw from the EU for about 2 years – but the results of yesterday’s vote have still left millions of people across the UK, Ireland, and Europe as a whole uncertain about their futures.

Since this morning, a lot of things have happened. David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister. Sinn Fein have called for a united Ireland. Farage has admitted that saying the NHS will get an extra £350m a week following Brexit was a “mistake,” as if it were merely a typo in a tweet, and not a statement that found itself 6 foot high on buses and posters during the campaign. Doubts have also arisen regarding Jeremy Corbyn‘s status as Labour leader, the pound has absolutely plummeted in value, Scotland look set to hold a second independence referendum, and it’s looking even more likely that former Mayor of London Boris Johnson will become the UK’s next PM.

With there having been a surge of Google searches for ‘how to get an Irish passport,’ ’emigrate’ and ‘what happens if we leave the EU’ since the early hours of this morning, it seems that a lot of people were simply unprepared for the result. Including the Leave side. Especially the Leave side.

Twitter says goodbye to #AntonYelchin 

On Sunday night, it was reported that actor Anton Yelchin had died. The 27 year old was killed in California following a freak accident involving his jeep on June 19th.

Yelchin was best known for his roles in Like Crazy, Green Room, and Star Trek. He was due to start shooting his directorial debut some time next month – a crime thriller called Travis starring Callum Turner and Milla Jovovich. Following the news of Yelchin’s tragic death, fans, friends and colleagues took to Twitter to share their grief.

Ireland beats Italy in the football, country implodes #IREvITA #RobbieBrady #COYBIG

On Wednesday, Ireland beat Italy in the Euros and it was incredible and I didn’t watch because I just assumed we’d lose and I regret my decision lots and lots. The 1-0 win meant that we actually got through to the next round to play France, that everybody in the country was only delighted/hungover to bits on Thursday, and that the Irish fans can stay over in Paris for a few more days singing songs and cleaning up after themselves and being the best, etc.

The win also meant that Robbie Brady is now a national hero alongside the likes of Shane Long and other people who have also scored goals for us. There are some good pics of him kissing his girlfriend post-match that many, many people have likened to a Renaissance painting. There’s also a vine of a guy forgetting how to bless himself.

Twitter was also only delighted to see Michael D. Higgins celebrating Brady’s goal. He jumps up and smiles a lot. It’s real nice.

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