The Week on Twitter | Clint Eastwood, Frank Ocean, & Naked Attraction

This week, Clint Eastwood was pretty racist, Instagram pretty much copied Snapchat, and people were pretty confused that Channel 4’s new dating show Naked Attraction actually exists. Most of Twitter was also waiting patiently for Frank Ocean’s new album to drop, and so they did some tweets about it.

#ClintEastwood thinks we should all just get over racism and stop being pussies

Donald Trump has been saying racist things for a long time. This week has probably been no different, apart from the fact that Clint Eastwood has decided to weigh in on his constant and very public discrimination. Speaking to Esquire this week, the actor, director, and long-time supporter of the Republican party, stated that he would be voting for Trump in the US’s next presidential election even though he has said a lot of “dumb things.”

Eastwood then went on to say that political correctness has gone mad, that back in his day most things wouldn’t even be considered racist, and that everybody who calls out racism and general asshole-ish behaviour is walking on eggshells. Oh, Eastwood also said that we now live in the “pussy generation.” As opposed to, y’know, the generation where schools were segregated and black people had to sit at the back of the bus.

Some people took to Twitter to praise Eastwood’s ‘honesty,’ to hail him a ‘hero,’ and to continue to not understand why calling all Mexicans rapists is a little bit problematic. Some other people called bullshit and broke out the old-man-yells-at-cloud Simpsons meme again. It had never been more relevant.

Channel 4’s #NakedAttraction airs, general public are shocked

This week, Channel 4’s new dating show was on the telly. The show is called Naked Attraction and involves some single people looking at some other single people while naked, and deciding whether to date each other based on this nakedness.

I did not watch Naked Attraction. I know very little about Naked Attraction, other than what Twitter has taught me about Naked Attraction due to the fact it trended in the UK and Ireland when it was on. What Twitter taught me included the following things:

  • People like laughing at other people’s naked bodies
  • Dating shows have gone too far
  • Nicky Byrne is old
  • Penises
  • Anna Richardson has a nice fringe


Here are some other things that Twitter thought while watching Naked Attraction this week.

#FrankOcean doesn’t drop album

Today, the new Frank Ocean album is supposed to drop. However, as of 2.39pm on Friday afternoon, the new Frank Ocean album has not yet dropped. ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ is due to be released today on Apple Music, but unfortunately for everybody who’s sitting around refreshing, it isn’t here yet.

So, instead of listening to the new Frank Ocean album, people are tweeting. They are tweeting their excitement. They are tweeting their impatience. They are tweeting their frustration. They are tweeting their hope for a newer, brighter world following the eventual release of the new Frank Ocean album… Should it ever arrive.

Here are their tweets.

#InstagramStories feature appears suspiciously similar to #Snapchat

This week, Instagram launched their stories feature. It allows users to take a photo or video, post it to their Instagram for their followers to watch for 24 hours, and to keep adding photos and videos until everyone is basically just sick of looking at them. The app’s new feature also includes filters and text, and allows users to reply directly to another person’s story.

Anybody who has a phone is aware that Instagram’s new stories feature is basically Snapchat, but with less dog filters and geotags. Which, honestly, makes it a less good version that should be abandoned immediately.

Some people like Instagram’s new feature. Some people don’t. And some people simply do not care because they’ve got other important things going on in their lives. Those people did not tweet about Instagram’s new feature.

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