The Week on Twitter | Eric Bristow, Bertie Ahern, & Green Day

This week, Eric Bristow said that child abuse victims were wimps, Bertie said he was too busy to rejoin Fianna Fail, and Enda said the Pope was a top lad. Green Day also sold some tickets to a show in Dublin, because they’re playing there, soon.

#EricBristow fired from Sky Sports after comments about child sex abuse victims

This week, Eric Bristow said that victims of child sexual abuse who don’t speak out are “wimps.” In a string of tweets on Monday night the darts champion declared that if someone had been touching him as a kid, he would have “went back and sorted that poof out.” Bristow also stated that darts players are tough, unlike football players.

Bristow was swiftly sacked from his position as Sky Sports commentator, and dropped from a number of appearances including an event at Newcastle United football club. He appeared on Good Morning Britain a few days later to defend his comments, claiming that he only wished victims of abuse would speak out sooner so less people would be harmed, instead of what he actually said which was that people who don’t report their abuse are wimps, and not a big tough darts man like him.

Bristow also apologised for the offence he had caused, saying that his tweets were simply “worded wrong.”

#FiannaFail want #Bertie back

On Tuesday, it was reported that Fianna Fail had voted unanimously to ask Bertie Ahern back to their party. FF Dublin Central stated that the point had been raised by two party members in their 80s, and that the 30 or so remaining members all agreed to draft a letter to Ahern.

Bertie first left the party back in 2012 after the Mahon tribunal was published detailing information about payments that had not been fully accounted for during his term as Taoiseach. Since then, he has never expressed any explicit interest in returning to politics… Other than his involvement in multiple peace processes, and that one time someone saw him hanging around canvassing for Fianna Fail during the election.

Yesterday, Ahern told the Star that he was too busy to return to the party, probably.

#Pope to visit Ireland in 2018

Pope Francis is set to visit Ireland in 2018 much to the delight of Catholics and maybe not even some of them, to be honest. Enda Kenny met with the Pope in the Vatican during the week, where the two of them confirmed that the Pope would indeed take a little unnecessary trip over here in August 2018 conveniently close to the time when Ireland is expected to hold an actually necessary referendum on the eighth amendment.

According to Enda, the Pope is “very special.” He agreed with the Pope on everything the Pope had to say about everything. He said the Pope and the Church are great and the Pope blessed him and said cheers. He told the Pope he could crash in his gaff when he came to stay and the Pope said it was okay, he’d get a room in the new Holiday Inn Express on O’Connell St. He said the Pope and him are best mates.

Lots of people on the internet either didn’t care that the Pope announced his plans to visit, or they were quite opposed to it. Seeing as the Catholic church has pretty much attempted to halt any kind of progress the country has tried to make in the past 100 years, many Twitter users weren’t too pleased that our head of government was so delighted about having the Pope over for a bit in a few years time.

#GreenDay announce Dublin date, people get excited

This week, Green Day tickets went on sale. Lots of people who like Green Day were very excited because it’s apparently been a few years since Green Day played in Ireland, and Kilmainham is a nice spot, and Boulevard of Broken Dreams is still a melancholy banger after all these years.

Green Day are playing next Summer and there are still tickets on sale, so get them if you want because the gig’s over 18s which is pretty good.

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