The Week on Twitter | Home Sweet Home, Kanye, & the Citizens’ Assembly

This week, Home Sweet Home gave Dublin’s homeless a warm bed for the night, submissions closed for the Citizens’ Assembly, and Kanye met with Trump. Some people also posted some pics of themselves in 2006, because Twitter.

#OccupyNama group take over Apollo House for Christmas #HomeSweetHome

On Thursday evening, a group of “concerned citizens” took over the vacant, Nama owned Apollo House in order to house Dublin’s homeless people. The group of over 100 people included the likes of Hozier, Jim Sheridan, Damien Dempsey, Glen Hansard, and Mattress Mick, as well as others intent on giving homeless people a warm bed to sleep in this Christmas.

The #HomeSweetHome group launched the Occupy Nama movement because the government is not doing enough to house homeless people this Winter. Apollo House on Tara Street is only one of the many empty buildings around Dublin managed by Nama, except now the heating has been switched on, there’s running water, and up to 60 of Dublin’s homeless people will finally have a place to go at night.

#HomeSweetHome founder Brendan Ogle says that the initiative has been a long time coming, and that there is no need for people to be sleeping on the streets when these vacant buildings belong to the Irish people.

“We know at least 140 people are sleeping rough on the streets of Dublin every night. We know the Government has opened up emergency beds but there will still be people out sleeping on the streets and we are coming together to say to the Government that ‘enough is enough’,” he said.

#Kanye meets with #Trump, gets signed copy of TIME

This week, Kanye West met with Donald Trump in his golden apartment in Trump Tower. According to Trump, he and Kanye have been friends for a very long time, and they discussed “life.” According to Kanye, he maybe hasn’t decided whether to perform at Trump’s inauguration in January probably, he just wanted to get a picture.

Once this news broke, people had questions. What was Kanye doing? What could he and Donald Trump possibly talk about? Why was this meeting distracting from all of the other shifty, questionable, and horrible things that had been happening during the week? Was Kanye going to be offered a seat in the Trump administration?

A spokesperson for Trump stated afterwards that Kanye had asked to visit Trump Tower and that it had been a “positive and productive” meeting. Kanye tweeted afterwards that he had met with the President-elect to discuss “multicultural issues.” He had also received a signed copy of Trump’s TIME magazine, which he also tweeted.

#CitizensAssembly receives over 4,000 submissions about the 8th amendment #repealthe8th

This week marked the deadline for submissions to the Citizens’ Assembly. For the past few months, people all over the country have been sending their recommendations to the assembly on why the 8th should be repealed, how harmful the criminalisation of abortion is to women in Ireland, and why the amendment should not be replaced with anything. Other people have also been sending submissions on why the 8th is great and should stay. Those people are wrong, and don’t like women.

According to the Irish Times, over 4,500 submissions were received before the deadline at 5pm on Friday. The assembly say they will publish all submissions prior to the recommendation report they are expected to make some time next year.

On Twitter, users spent the week encouraging others to make a submissions, no matter how short, detailing the importance of free, safe, and legal abortion access in Ireland.

Twitter share their #2006vs2016 pics

Ten years ago it was 2006. Lots of things happened then. Britney and K fed got divorced. High School Musical was a thing. We all looked awful.

This week, the good people of Twitter decided they wanted to show everybody just how awful they looked in 2006, or rather, show everybody how unreal they look in 2016. Which is fine and a thing that I am personally very supportive of.

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