The Week on Twitter | Milo Yiannopoulos, Kim Kardashian, & the Trump campaign

This week, Donald trump became the official Republican presidential candidate, Melania Trump plagiarised Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian exposed Taylor Swift, and Milo Yiannopoulos was banned permanently from Twitter.

@nero is permanently banned from Twitter, much to the dismay of MRAs everywhere #FreeMilo

Last week, Ghostbusters was released in cinemas. Lots of people were happy because those people like fun films and busting ghosts and Kate McKinnon. Some people were unhappy because they think Ghostbusters has been ruined by a load of women. One of those people was self-proclaimed feminism critic and “free speech fundamentalist,” Milo Yiannopoulos.

Upon seeing the film, Yiannopoulos posted a review in which he deemed the movie “terrible,” suggested Melissa McCarthy attend a Weightwatchers meeting, and claimed that, surprise surprise, Chris Hemsworth was the greatest thing about it.

But as it turns out, ripping the film to shreds via PC vitriol wasn’t enough for Yiannopoulos, and he took to Twitter to support a racially charged attack on one of Ghostbuster’s stars, Leslie Jones. Jones quit Twitter after she received a myriad of tweets calling her an ape – an action which Yiannopoulos deemed unnecessary seeing as she had just gotten a little bit of what he described as “hate mail.”

Yiannopoulos was removed permanently from Twitter following the abuse. According to the site, he had violated their community standards by engaging in the targeted abuse of an individual. Lots of people were annoyed by Twitter’s decision to ban Yiannopoulos, and they got #FreeMilo trending for awhile as they threw their toys out of their prams and planned a mass MRA Twitter exodus. Lots of other people were only delighted by the banning of someone who thinks feminism is cancer, and they took to their accounts to celebrate this glorious day.

@KimKardashian exposes Taylor Swift via Snapchat, everyone freaks out

On Monday morning we all awoke to the news that Kim Kardashian was not only an incredibly successful business woman with the world’s most impressive waist to ass ratio, but also the most powerful person on the entire planet, apparently. For months, Taylor Swift has been claiming that Kanye West had failed to inform her just how she would feature in his song, Famous. According to Swift’s team, Taylor never approved any lyrics and simply could not “understand why Kanye West, and now Kim Kardashian, will not just leave her alone.”

This week, on National Snake Day, Kim decided to set the record straight, out Taylor’s lie, and gain an abundance of new followers all in one go. On snapchat, she posted footage of West’s and Swift’s phone conversation in which Kanye read out the lyrics Taylor featured in, Taylor claimed that the line “feel like me and Taylor might still have sex” was a compliment, and proceeded to boast about how many likes a photo of hers had gotten on instagram, or something.

Social media was very happy when Kim posted her snaps so they decided to throw a #KimExposesTaylorParty. Naturally, Taylor was quick to dismiss the videos on her instagram, stating that she had never heard the song prior to its release and that recording phone calls was not legal.

Kim didn’t seem to care all that much though, and neither did a lot of people on Twitter.

The #Trumps dominate Twitter discussion some more

This week also saw Trump trending – again. On Tuesday morning, it was reported that Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention the night before bore a striking resemblance to an address given by Michelle Obama in 2008. The similarities were initially spotted by freelance journalist Jarrett Hill, who began tweeting during a live stream of the speech believing that he had heard the lines somewhere before.

It wasn’t long before the two speeches were compared, further similarities were discovered, and the Trump campaign were slammed for plagiarising the words of the First Lady – instead of, y’know, making false claims all the time, being really racist and awful, and generally not really knowing what they’re doing ever.

Apparently, Trump’s speechwriter Meredith McIvor did not face termination following the event because she took full responsibility for it… Or because she doesn’t actually exist. Whichever.

Trump himself continued to draw the attention of Twitter users throughout the week when he was officially confirmed as the Republican presidential candidate. The announcement came as a surprise to nobody, seeing as everybody else had dropped out ages ago.

Trump celebrated by shouting some more things about his Mexico border wall, not being able to kiss Mike Pence properly, and slagging off Hillary Clinton, probably.

#Heatwave enthralls and destroys everyone

During the week, there was a heat wave and it was very hot. Tuesday was the hottest day of the year and then Wednesday was the hottest day of the year because it was even hotter than Tuesday. People were being warned about leaving their pets out in the heat, ice cream shops were packed out, and everybody had their tops off.

The heat wave lasted all of two days, before the clouds returned and it became overcast but still also very hot and humid which is a not great way to be.

Lots of people tweeted about the heat wave while they were out in the heat. #Heatwave trended. It was good.

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