The Week on Twitter | Paddy’s Day, Paul Daniels, & Enda Kenny

This week, St Patrick’s Day happened and lots of people got very excited. Most of those people did not venture anywhere near Dublin city on St Patrick’s Day. The week that was also saw magician Paul Daniels pass away, Enda Kenny being hailed as a feminist by at least one actual person, and everyone discuss what being Irish truly means.

#EndaKenny; the feminist intellectual. Apparently.

Last week, the Independent published an article in which Enda Kenny was described as a feminist. The piece, written by the ex-Taoiseach’s old speechwriter Miriam O’Callaghan, states that Kenny is compassionate, ordinary, justice-seeking, very intellectual, and of course, nothing more than a big old feminist.

O’Callaghan justifies her claims by mentioning Kenny’s speech to the women of the Magdalene laundries – a State apology which Kenny chose not to issue immediately after an official inquiry was published, but a few weeks afterward, just so everyone had had a chance to go through it. O’Callaghan then went on to say that the “little women” of politics are there to help the “big men” who think the “big thoughts,” but that these women should not be silent in the “gender-equality war,” or something. She finished by making a House of Cards reference, and joking about women loving earrings. It was a mess.

Not only did most of Twitter disagree with O’Callaghan’s claims, but it seemed that nobody could figure out what the article was actually trying to say. While many simply laughed at its content, others were left disgusted by the suggestion that the Fine Gael led government had all but erased the suffering and neglect of the thousands of women subjected to the Magdalene laundries over the years.

The whole world celebrates #StPatricksDay #PaddysDay #Shnakes 

Yesterday, it was St Patrick’s Day – a day of green, saints, snakes, drink, vomit, vuvuzelas, tourists, leprechauns, packed McDonalds’, shamrock shakes, more drink, parades, never going near Temple Bar ever, Gardaí, and also drink.

Some people stayed at home for Paddy’s Day. Those people are smart, and they spent the day comfortably away from drunk 13 year olds, excessive amounts of Guinness, and general awfulness. Other people went to town for Paddy’s Day, because they had lost control of their lives, which is fine.

Twitter contemplates what #BeingIrishMeans

In light of this week’s Paddy’s Day celebrations #BeingIrishMeans trended for a bit. The tag saw people from all over the world think about what being Irish truly meant. There was a lot of Tayto, drink, ‘Brits Out,’ and spuds. But there was also a lot of criticism for the eighth amendment, Ireland’s historical treatment of its women, and the dangers that Irish pregnant women still face every day.

#PaulDaniels dies, aged 77

On Thursday, it was reported that magician and entertainer Paul Daniels had passed away. Daniels, who had been diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour last month, died at his home in Berkshire surrounded by family. A well known television personality in the 80s and 90s, he was best known for BBC’s The Paul Daniels Magic Show, Wipeout, and Odd One Out.

Daniels’ life and work was remembered this week on Twitter by the likes of Louis Theroux, Derren Brown, among other friends and family.

Everyone celebrates #PiDay 

Monday March 14th marked Pi Day – the annual worldwide celebration of all things Pi (and Pie, also). Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th because 3/14 is the same as 3.14, which is the start of the mathematical constant, Pi. The first Pi Day was celebrated way back in 1988, by a physicist who liked Pi so much he decided to dedicate a whole day to it.

This year, Twitter celebrated Pi Day by tweeting some Pi puns, eating actual pies, and… That was pretty much it. But it was still a great day, nonetheless.

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