Wonderful Idea for Ladies, Monthly Subscription – My Lady Bug

Guys, I have to be honest, I am not a lady. I’m not sexist, I’m just a man. Which may or may not be cool. But this idea is really good and I wanted to give it a plug because 1) I know the creator and 2) it’s really good. If I was a lady I would be all over this. As it stands, I have no need for it. But I really want you to know that it exists and I would use it if I was a female human woman lady.

Ok, so, what is it?

It’s a monthly subscription box that gets sent right to your front door (unless you have special arrangements with your postman where he delivers to your kitchen window or something). You sign up, tell the website what brands you like, whether it be tampons or pads, both or whatever. And then you pay either monthly, every three or six months or just once a year. Pretty great, no?

Yes. Obviously.

The perfect monthly gift, my lady bug, subscription - HeadStuff.org

There’s other cool stuff that you can do with this subscription thing, and the company, My Lady Bug will be adding all sorts of new features and stuff. For example, you can give a gift, so you can get this for someone else. That’s a good feature. I don’t really know what it is like going through this every month (I’m a fella). But if you’ll allow me to make a comparison; I get hungry a lot. If hypothetically I just got hungry, on cue, once a month, and just before that happened I got all my meals for the next seven days in the post I would be absolutely delighted.

It’s deadly. Look it up, here’s the website: www.MyLadyBug.ie

If you’re a non-male, then you’ll appreciate this way more than me, and look how much I appreciate it. So check out the website, and seeing as it only launched today, you can be among the first to sign up.

Maryrose Simpson, my lady bug - HeadStuff.org
Maryrose Simpson, My Lady Bug founder

As I said, I know the genius woman behind the idea (Maryrose Simpson), so I popped her a message on Facebook and asked her what it’s like now that she’s finally launched:

“A little surreal to be honest, been working towards this day for a while now, but never really imagined what it would feel like actually have the website up and taking orders.”

So, what’s next for My Lady Bug?

“We are still building some extra features for the website at the moment we are focused on a market place (a one time purchase shop) where you can purchase anything related to feminine hygiene… from sea sponges to mooncups we will have it all.”