#12 | Interview with Pamela Flood

This week on Up To 90, we talk to former Miss Ireland Pamela Flood about everything from ‘getting the wear’ to competing in Miss World; from being an eco warrior to laying your cards on the table with men; from the soundness of Charlene Spitari to the many cups of tea that were drunk while continuity announcing in RTE,  from ‘Off The Rails’ to the scourge of online trolls; from being an older mother to what Miss Jamaica was really like.

Most tantalizingly of all we find out how she ended up going to the Debs with the King of the Gingers, Jason Byrne.

To find out how to secure a ginger for a special event in your life please contact your two favourite gingers available for hire, Emma and Julie, on Twitter/Insta @Upto90Podcast