#14 | 90s Internet with Gordon Rochford (Those Conspiracy Guys)

‘The way you’re talking about Avatar is like me talking about my first cigarette.’

This week on Up To 90, we try our best to keep it clean (but fail miserably) with the ever-knowledgeable and entertaining Gordon Rochford, the man behind the podcast phenomenon ‘Those Conspiracy Guys’, as we talk 90s Internet.

Kids today will never truly understand having to wait for your mom to get off the phone to your auntie to chat to your cyber-boyfriend in Colorado, getting cat-fished on MSN on a daily basis, and just how coveted the role of ‘computer steward’ really was.

What does AOL really stand for? Did chat-rooms pave the way for social media? Why was Gordo an inside child? Which country can really claim to have invented the Internet? All these questions are answered in this hugely hilarious latest episode of Up To 90. (Gordo also does an absolute killer dial-up Internet impression which is not to be missed).

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