#20 | Monica Seles and The Macarena

This week we talk cringe-inducing dance moves, abandoned tennis rackets and Hamburg stabbings on Up To 90.

Monica Seles was the burgeoning Queen of nineties tennis, vying with her professional rival Steffi Graf for the coveted accolades of best professional female player of her time. It was on a fateful date in Hamburg 1992 that her professional dreams came tumbling down: when she was stabbed in the neck by a disgruntled audience member in a vicious on-court attack.

In a completely unrelated segway we move onto discuss the Macarena: the illicit origins of the Hispanic anthem, the wedding hip wiggling that ensued, the Junior disco moments and its importance as a coming of age soundtrack for all nineties kids.

In an effort to bring some consistency to this disjointed hot mess we continue with ‘Pulling a Julie’ travails; ‘Shane Debates’ rage on as Emma and her Mister Man once again come to verbal blows. We gleefully document their crumbling relationship in this latest nadir.

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