#24 | Live and Uncensored: Dublin Podcast Festival

“We can’t end a comedy podcast with ‘And then he died'”

This week of Up To 90 is a very special episode, as we come to you live and uncensored from Liberty Hall in our Dublin Podcast Festival double-header aver the wonderful ‘Dubland‘.

With musical intros from Fred Cooke, we invited our panel of hilarious guests in to talk everything nineties – from ninja turtles to Riverdance to all things foreign-currency, this episode took many expected twists and turns, punctuated by some serious dance moves and sing-along moments.

Just why does Tralee Mc Donald’s have a sign specifying only cars may avail of drive-thru service? Ronan Grace explains the notice that has baffled thousands of Happy Mealers for decades. What had the Rvierdancer troops dropping like flies immediately prior to their showstopping Eurovision performance? Pauline Shanahan fills us in. And Owen Colgan of ‘Hardy Bucks’ fame tells us why children of Roscommon really emphasised with mutant reptiles living in sewers.

This episode is special. Very special. In fact, it could easily be the most special podcast episode ever recorded. Prepare to hear Liberty Hall get floored by our journalistic bravery, and the whopper amount of facts and figures that cement our status as the most highly researched media venture ever embarked upon. By the most dedicated researchers. Perhaps the most dedicated of all time…..

*Please note this episode contains no research and no actual bravery. If you’re either Jean Butler or a talking turtle please get in touch with us exclusively on Twitter and Insta @Upto90Podcast. Also we are absolutely dying to hear the mad places you’ve bought towels (just listen to it and you will TOTALLY get that top-shelf joke)