#25 | Favourite Ginger: Julia Roberts

‘Look, let’s cut the small talk and ask the big question: is she a real redhead?’

This week the Up To 90 team talk everyone’s favourite ginger: Julia Roberts.

Having come from seemingly difficult beginnings in Georgia, Julia Roberts took both the modeling and acting worlds by storm when she landed on the New York scene as a young woman in her early twenties. Her big break came in the romantic prostitution comedy ‘Pretty Woman’, when she was cast opposite resident wreck the head Richard Gere as sex worker Viv, who loved Prince and didn’t kiss on the mouth.

We discuss the scourge of ‘pranksters’ and pretending to laugh along, touch upon green apples in ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’, gloss over ‘The Pelican Brief’ and give a shout out to Julie’s mate’s family who put Ms Roberts up when she was on the run and living in sin with Kiefer Sutherland in Dingle, Co. Kerry and Julie’s been banging on about it ever since. Estranged family members, twins, those legs and general creepdom ensue.

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