#28 | Spice Girls (Feat. Gearoid Farrelly)

‘Geri’s one of those ones where you’re best friends for a month and they you have a big bust-up and just never speak to her again.;’

This week on Up To 90 we talk Spice Girls with the comedic genius behind ‘Fascinated’ Gearoid Farrelly. Gearoid murders our dreams by outting Geri as a psycho manipulator, shames the band for hijacking the term ‘girl-power’ for their own ends of world domination, outs the perpetual back-flipper who once treated herself to a water in a local Dublin newsagents, condemns their last album with a disdain previously reserved for when Julie when she forgets to press the record button, and offers his take on Victoria ‘aren’t all trousers parellel trousers?’ Beckham.

Which Spice Girl had a solo album that Gearoid found mildly palatable? Why doesn’t Emma Bunton give up the ghost on the engagement? Did Victoria’s choice to embark on a duet with Dane Bowers mark he beginning of the end for modern music as we know it? What the hell has Cheryl Cole done to her face? Why is Julie still clicking into The Daily Mail despite her flat denials to the contrary? What solo song made an indelible mark on Emma Doran’s Godless soul? On a scale of one to overly produced nineties ten, how devastating was the musical debacle that was Holler?

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