#31 | The Wonder Years

‘And the thing is, after all these years, I still look back in wonder’

This week on Up to 90 we talk original Irish Catholic schoolgirl crush bucket Kevin Arnold in the seminal American TV series ‘The Wonder Years’. Set against the backdrop of the late 60s/early 70s, the show chronicled the coming of age of a certain Dimples King Kevin Arnold against the backdrop of political turmoil and wider turbulence in a changing America.

First airing following the 1988 Super Bowl, ‘The Wonder Years’ changed TV forever, dispensing with canned laughter and multiple cameras to bring ‘dramedy’ to the fore. The protagonist was not the only character to capture the hearts and minds of a generation, with subsidiary characters—from Paul Pfieffer to Jack Arnold to Winnie Cooper-proving to be equally as influential in shaping what was to be one the greatest TV shows of all time.

We talk Marilyn Manson rumours, sexual harassment suits, must-watch episodes, weepers, ch-ch-ch-changes, carnal knowledge, gender politics, and offer you updates on where all the main players are now. Also, how could it not be an episode of Up To 90 without the requisite cameo presence of Robin ‘Get Your Creep On’ Thicke.

Get ready to get your nostalge on and let’s get totes emosh with this latest episode of Up To 90.

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