#34 | Michael J. Fox

‘It’s just a bit too small isn’t it?’

Given the day that’s in it this week on Up To 90, we talk King of The Elves, Michael J. Fox .

Yes he was in a lot of 80s things but Michael J. Fox was also in shit during the 90s so don’t even start… Spin City anyone? Stuart Little? Spokesperson for Parkinson’s? Curb Your Enthusiasm appearances? While we were drinking cans up the fields with our friends in the days before parental tracking through GPS signal was a thing he was well busy being an all-round likeable fella.

We chat festive family frollicks, the difficulty of housing elder lemons, the voucher curse and Emma gets into a road rage moment that will surely end in someone getting stabbed (most likely Julie, let’s face it).

Happy Christmas to everyone except Eleanor who hijacked last week’s episode in a production disaster which has left an inedible mark of shame on the soul of Up To 90.

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