#37 | Murphy Brown with Brian Gallagher

‘I’m sorry Brian but sex cults ARE wrong.’

This week on Up To 90, we invite the lovely TRY CHANNEL FACTS CHANNEL INTERNET SENSATION Brian Gallagher to chat – Murphy Brown.

The show saw Candice Bergen starred as Murphy Brown, an investigative journalist for FYI, a fictional CBS newsmagazine. Over 40 and single, she’s a bit of an Emma Doran: tough as nails and juts a little bit scary. Like Julie, Murphy Brown is a bag of issues having returned from a stint in the Betty Ford Treatment Centre. Also like Julie she lives in perpetual fear of replacement.

The show was pioneering in showcasing a woman busting a few balls, championing single-parenthood whilst also keeping it extremely current by finding inspiration from 90s political moments: it’s function as mirror for American social happenings was only furthered by its 2018 reboot following the election of political wallflower Donald J. Trump

Brian Gallagher comes armed with at least 3 facts so strap in for some hot discussion on Murphy Brown – this takes up about 4.5 minutes of the podcast and then the rest of the time we chat R Kelly being a creep, Drake being a creep, Julie’s increasing paranoia that she is being gassed at home and Emma makes an important health and safety announcement. We come to the controversial conclusion that sex cults are wrong and Brian’s got a beard.

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