#39 | Forrest Gump

‘She only rides him when she has AIDS’

This week on Up to 90 we talk Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump.

Emma delves deep this time, having recently discovered a new search engine called ‘Google’ which allows her to verify all her Forrest Gump facts, figures, and even Oscar wins, so fans of water sports can back the f*ck up.

How on earth did Tom perfect the character he had already perfected in Big? Was it all a load of gimmicks? Did he really win an Oscar? How can we possibly confirm this? What is this Wikipedia of which you speak?

We chat trench coats, strip clubs, pity snuggles, child actors and Robin Wright (formerly of the Penn). We conclude that life is most certainly not a box of chocolates and Emma confirms her status as the best woman for accents in like the whole world ever.

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