#41 | Backstreet Boys with Jen Hatton

‘Catch me outside, how ‘bout that?’

This week on Up To 90 we chat to mocedian/internet sensation and sketch extraordinaire Jen Hatton about the ‘Backstreet Boys’ and everything from Aaron Carter to Dr Phil, from Hartstown discos to celebrity rehabs, the power of a good Halloween-themed video and the reason why you should never threaten to kill a cat in front of Jen Hatton (hint, it will inevitably result in you being locked in sketch video eternity as inspiration behind her most successful and hilarious character to date).

Jen’s polish accent is spot on, Emma floors us with her impression of a gangster-rapping petulant American teen, and Julie bangs on about a recent heckle which made an indelible mark on her soul (she’s clearly completely over it and rarely talks about it in public).

Please note this is the Backstreet Boys episode where we don’t talk about the Backstreet Boys so before Julian Assange gets out of an Ecuadorian embassy and onto our case let’s just note we laid our cards on the table from the get go so let it never be said there were ever secrets between us. And yes Nick Carter, we are talking to you.

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