#42 | Princess Diana

‘Elton and his f*cking candle in the f*cking wind’

This week on Up To 90, we chat the Queen of Hearts: Princess Diana.

We talk irreconcilable differences, age-gaps, Panorama interviews, how to throw shade at the Queen, creepy butlers, Royal titles and eating disorders in this Princess of Wales special.

When did Julie lose all personality and start buying pot plants in Ikea? Will the stories about lost keys ever end? Is Prince Phillip battery operated? Do we need to a Jeremy Kyle once and for all to determine whose the daddy on our favourite Prince H? Who was really to blame for the fall-out between Princess Diana and England’s most eligible bachelor? Was the Royal Family really behind her untimely demise? Why did her death lead to such a huge outpouring of grief? What was it about Diana that made her story move so many?

We also dare to criticize Queen Oprah on her insistence that she’s never lost her temper and questions Elton’s advertising choices because we are totally in a moral highground position to do so.

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