#43 | Sex and Ecstasy with Des Bishop

This week on Up To 90, we chat to all-round nice guy and comedic superstar Des Bishop about all things 90s.

We talk emigrating to a new continent at the ripe old age of 14; THOSE priests at family barbecues; being ‘the yank’ at a Wexford boarding school; failing first year college; Le Galaxie; Electric Picnic; getting in trouble; giving up alcohol; Cork raves; corporal punishment; sex; becoming a comedy superstar and when not to ask for an open spot (Fred Cooke, take note).

If you’ve ever experienced the primal energy of ‘Sweat’ at Sir Henry’s; crushed on Des Bishop; laughed during the 90s and/or repeated your Leaving Cert please get in touch on Twitter/Insta @Upto90Podcast.

Also please check out The Shift: the new dating/sex podcast from Des Bishop and Katie Boyle; available for download wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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