#48 | Mike Tyson versus Evander Holyfield: The Bite Fight

‘The leather skirts have to stop. This is an audio medium.’

This week on Up To 90, we talk about Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield in ‘The Bite Fight’. On 28th June 1997, the world watched as two of the world’s biggest boxing stars fought for the much coveted heavyweight title of the world. Having been on the back foot in Round One and Two, Tyson made the obvious choice in biting his opponent’s ear (both of them). When later asked about this in a much-viewed Oprah interview, he said: ‘I did it because I was upset’. Hard to argue with that logic. The man who sought to make facial tattoos great again went on to be disqualified by the Nevada State Commission for 15 months and the moment fast became one of the most notorious sporting moments of the nineties.

Have you lost a chunk of your ear in a brawl watched by millions? Why did Tyson insist on fighting only the world’s hottest men? (Lennox Lewis, please stand up). In this episode Emma admits to fancying at least two people. Has Julie’s relentless probing finally broken her? Who wore it better – Don King or Julie? Who IS Oprah and who is Gail in this ginger sister dynamic? Why is Emma embracing the Lord? Is it too late for her? What would Holyfield do? Are the girls turning against their Daytime Chat Show Matriarch? Will they ever secure Emma’s bitey bitey mac biterson first cousin for the podcast? Will Julie ever shut the fuck up?

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