#49 | It’s Britney Bitch

‘Julie, be honest, are you on or off the meds?’

This week on Up To 90, the girls talk medication, mice, fake tan and queen of pop Ms Britney Spears.

Having ascended to the throne of tweenie sensation as part of Mickey Mouse Cub, Britney became an overnight sensation that effectively dominated the pop charts throughout the late nineties and noughties. From her vows of chastity to provocative Rolling Stone covers, hers was a path that was fraught with controversy as her manufactured image seemed to place increasingly contradictory demands on the young performer and ultimately culminated in her much-covered breakdown of 2007.

We chat controlling mothers, mixed messages, gross record label bosses and their ideas of sexing it up, dodgy lyrics and how NOT to get over an ex (Justin Timberlake, please take note). When will the world accept Julia and Emma for their dim-sum skin tones? Can someone please call the fire brigade on Emma’s Sunday bonfires? Is Julie still confusing Fred with a mouse? Is Fred an actual mouse? When will she get round to refilling that prescription? Also, since when did looking after your own kids constitute babysitting? And can someone please inform Mariah Carey that as a savvy business woman she’s earned that second slice of plain cheese pizza?

Please download this episode (it goes towards the charts baby!) and let us know any future topics you want us to cover with our forensic research and nose for detail….until then, it’s Britney bitch.