#5 | MTV Select

MTV Select: the Snapchat of a generation

‘Sorry Christina but there’s a fine line between fake tanning and blacking up’.

In this week’s episode of Up To 90, Emma and Julie look back at when using the landline to get on the telly in a bid to request your favourite vid was an after-school life mission and a golden time when collective Irish egos were massaged by June Sarpong’s inability to pronounce our names.

Your favourite ginger duo discuss the vulgarity of ‘having the channels’, going on the hop when the MTV European Awards hit Dublin and what’s become of your favourite MTV Select/Select MTV presenters- from Ralph Little to Donna Air and Richard Blackwood to Edith Bowman.

If you had any brushes with famous MTV presenters or had any friends caught rapid stalking Britney around Temple Bar please get in touch; we’re on Twitter @Upto90Podcast.