#55 | The Nanny

‘I just shave it everyday.’

This week on Up To 90 we talk The Nanny.

The show was a massive success from the years 1993 to 1999; televised in 80 countries and capturing the hearts of millions with its take on the old My Fair Lady narrative.

We chat bikini waxes, SPF, why Julie can no longer hang out on Australian beaches and we go the dark place of quacking. Emma talks possible paternity tests, we bump into Cathy live on air and drop the Oprah bomb at least 17 times during the course of the episode.

Is Guinness the Irish equivalent of the poppy flower? Is that unfair to heroin? Why is Julie getting swimsuit ready for a city break? Does Julie have a secret boyfriend? If so, why all the cloaks and daggers?

Hold onto your man – we’re chatting all things Fran in this The Nanny special.

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