#60 | Quantum Leap with Padraig Williams

‘I told my sister-in-law if I didn’t try stand-up comedy to just write ‘‘failure’’ on my headstone’
‘Yeah but the best man speech probably wasn’t the best time to say it Padraig’

This week on Up To 90 we talk ‘Quantum Leap’ with funny guy Padraig Williams.

We chat Ziggy, cigars, Al, Sam Beckett, time travel and American history in this retrospective special. We also talk New York gangstas, hitmen, scamming US security and pretending to be a 42 year old married man with 3 kids when you’re actually an 18 year old teenager from Dunboyne, Co. Meath.

We recall drinking on the job, pretending to be famous cyclists and the need to warm up the oven in intimate situations. Emma ensures she is ‘brand ready’ in a series of effortless product placement moments and Julie brings absolutely zero knowledge whatsoever. Luckily hilarious comic Padraig has brought Reese’s, tales of child labour and a lorra lorra facts about Quantum Leap.

****In a major turning point Emma finally admits to having three kids, finally explaining the presence of car seats in her Renault Scenic and the faint sound of children fighting in virtually all of her WhatsApp audios.

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