#61 | The Den

‘Sure is it any wonder Ray was giving us the feelings when he was being all alpha male wrestling a panda’

This week on Up To 90 we talk every Irish kid’s favourite ‘The Den’.

We chat Zig and Zag, puppet schools, April Fools Pranks that go terribly wrong, Emma Ledden, Dustin the Turkey and special guest appearances on The Den.

We discuss Dustin’s flirtations, why we were all crushing on Ray D’Arcy, Ian Dempsey becoming a household favourite and Zig and Zag’s less than successful dalliance with TV across the water.

Did Podge successfully make an entire generation fear their friendly neighborhood postman?

Was Don Conroy essentially an Irish Rolf Harris minus the sexual deviance?

Did we really have a puppet run for President?

Can Emma’s dad still get it up?

The answer to all of the above is a definitive yes.

If you ever voted for a turkey in a presidential election or shifted Ray D’Arcy (yes Geri-Maye, we are talking to you!) please get in touch on Twitter or Instagram @upto90podcast