#68 | John Leslie

‘Let’s just stop all the fiddling around the edges’

This week on Up To 90, the girls look back at 90s TV’s John Leslie and his gargantuan fall from grace. The Edinburgh native was the first Scottish presenter on Blue Peter before moving on to Wheel of Fortune and GMTV.

Very much a media darling, he courted interest not just for his presenting skills but also his chequered love life. It was an autobiography by fellow 90s media darling Ulrikka Jonnson however, which ultimately began a series of events leading to the excommunication of John Leslie from television circles, and the demise of what was once an extremely promising career.

Group sex romps, cocaine use, allegations of sexual impropriety, a catalogue of court cases and never ending speculation make Leslie’s story one of continued fascination.

In other news, Emma explains why she loves dragging boys to the ground and we finally understand why her penchant for pulling Julie’s hair is like TOTALLY not her fault like

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