#70 | Michael Barrymore

‘He’s talking about blow**** Julie’

This week on Up To 90, we chat family entertainer turned media pariah Michael Barrymore.

Michael Barrymore quickly rose through the ranks of television to become a Saturday night staple and firm favorite loved by millions. His first brush with scandal came in the form of a rehab stint, followed by a very public coming out story; but it was the tragic events of a house party in March 2001 that would mar his career irreparably.

The girls explain the true meaning behind the lyrics with ‘Blow My Whistle Bitch’, reminisce about girls who didn’t actually love girls (Tatu), and hypothesize on Greg from Love Island’s convenient break-up timing (absolutely no judgement but we are team Amber for life). Emma plays devil’s advocate while Julie doesn’t hold back when it comes to sneaky peterisms and self-preservation tactics. This one is salacious in the extreme.

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