#71 | Live from Whelan’s: A Simpsons Special

‘You little pricktease!’

This week Up To 90 goes live: as our jaded ginger duo are joined by hilarious comics Jim Elliott and Danny Ryan, with musical maestro Fred Cooke on keyboard to chat all things Springfield in this Simpsons special.

The teacher in our midst has gone Factor 50 on the photocopies and printed off lyrics for the requisite sing-songs as we talk favourite characters, best moments and funniest episodes. Julie stuns with her rapping ability and Danny talks swear jars, Jim effectively saves the day with an encyclopaedic knowledge of every Simpsons episode ever and Emma exposes the truth about serial pet poisonings in Rathfarnham circa the early 90s.

We’ve got misquotes and misnomers galore in this episode, lots of misjudged crowd interactions, our podcasting nemeses make a brazen appearance and Julie’s parents are there to watch her big moment as she confirms why Emma is pursuing a solo pop career minus her neurotic comedy wife.

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