#72 | Sarah Ferguson – Duchess of York

‘My handsome, handsome prince.’

This week on Up To 90, we talk Sarah Ferguson. Never an academic and known for her love of sports and horses, the world was somewhat surprised when Prince Andrew announced his engagement to an old childhood friend – Sarah Ferguson. Hurled into the public life Fergie  found the life of a royal newly wed a lonely one,  and soon began appearing in public with a string of Texan businessman.

Two kids later and a separation, it was the infamous ‘toe-sucking’ which became Fergie’s undoing and resulted in her being divorced by 1996. A dalliance with Weight Watchers, numerous TV appearances and more scandal involving bribes and ‘money for access’ deals have made Fergie the most radioactive royal of the lot. Until her ex husband got caught up in a very public scandal of his own – involving a certain convicted sex offender; Jeffrey Epstein.

We chat mysterious cats deaths, canine perversions and Fred is officially having an affair. If you ever sucked in toe please get in touch on Twitter and Instagram @upto90podcast. If you’ve enjoyed this podcast please rate us on iTunes and tell a friend! X