#73 | Kylie Minogue

‘Now just uncuff me and I’ll be on my way’

This week on Up To 90, the girls are back in the car due to unpaid studio fees (patreon patreon patreon). On this rainy night we’re chatting the queen of hot pants Kylie Minogue.

This tiny little teeny pop tot initially stormed our screens as teenage Charlene, whose on screen relationship with a certain Jason’s Donovan spilled over into real life romance, before she ended it for the king of Ozzie bad boys Michael Hutchence.

A career marked for the lack of deviation, was Kylie ever really in control of her own image? Is it right to compare her with fellow pop heavyweight Madonna? Why has her life been so scandal free? Did illness change the trajectory of her career? Is Danni a headwreck or just a bit of a personality? Why does Russell Crowe wreck Julie’s head? Is Emma the tiniest podcaster in all the land?

In other news, Julie is questioning herself following an illicit venture to her local swimming pool, Emma is an influencer and Shane is being mistaken for a single dad on the regular. We also reference teenage Russian gymnasts, Emma’s first day faux pas and why LinkedIn should be called ‘Please Creep On Me’.

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