#75 | Live at Cork Podcast Festival

This week on Up To 90 the girls are LIVE from the Spailpín Fánach as part of Cork Podcast Festival, and are joined by ‘local girl’ Laura O’Mahony.

The girls explain to their millennial audience what exactly California Dreams was and then go on to discuss it ad nauseam. They chat Barbies, Ken Dolls and their absence of genitalia, the Protestant bling bling Santie gift that was Barbie’s Dreamhouse, OTT, Boyzone, Peter Andre’s bathing habits, mitching off school for You’re A Star, Fine Gael politicians, Terry Keane, Overboard, our collective love for Goldie Hawn, maternal hearing habits, Ocean Colour Scene, Dawson’s Creek and the vilification of Jen (aka Michelle Williams).

What we’re saying it is wish god help us you know yourself sure what would be doing sure look it
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