#74 | Tom ‘The Bear’ O’Mahony

‘Tipperary is the Texas of Ireland’


This week on Up to 90 the girls chat to comedian, host of Buckshot podcast, star of Damo and Ivor and Defending The Caveman Tom ‘The Bear’ O’Mahony.
We talk driving at 7, Communion Harlem pimp ensembles, ‘doing it for yourself’ in rural Ireland, house tunes, NWA, Slater’s misogyny in ‘Saved By The Bell’, Crocodile Dundee and much more.

We also touch upon Greta Thunberg (Tom’s a big fan), Emma’s father’s mechanical skills and Julie asks the big question: leprosy, is it still a thing? We make outrageous analogies and compare British Page 3 Girls to Japanese schoolgirl culture in a blatant disregard for nuance and essentially drag Tom into a sketchy chat about sexuality over scones and mouldy jam.
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