Instagram Pick of the Week | Aengus Tükel

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This weeks Artist is Aengus Tükel, a freelance designer based in Dublin, Ireland.
Aengus uses Instagram to document his travels as both a visual mood board and diary. He carries a disposable camera everywhere he goes, and he has a thing for palm trees.
Follow him on Instagram @aengustukel and on Tumblr.
aengus tukel chiang mai -
Outskirts of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Source

On disposable cameras: “I love the grain and light from disposable film. The colours are often skewed, over saturated or muted. Disposable cameras are so easy to travel with; they’re durable, light, splash resistant, cheap and can be picked up anywhere.”

port douglas aengus tukel -
Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, Australia. Source

On Palm Trees: “Growing up, palm trees always seemed exotic and tropical to me. I love to travel, and I’m drawn to palm trees because they have a way of reminding me that I’m somewhere unfamiliar, somewhere far from home.”

palolem beach, aengus tukel -
Palolem Beach, Goa, India. Source

On Travel: “I love the feeling when you get back from travelling somewhere- you can look at dot on a map, and know what that dot looks and smells like. It becomes more than just a dot. You become connected to it.” 

gili air, aengus tukel -
Gili Air, Indonesia. Source

Aengus’ feed isn’t of just palm trees. His photos range from the Himalayan mountains to the Sahara Desert, Indian railways to Glaciers in New Zealand. He follows people on Instagram from around the world, taking their pictures as inspiration for new destinations, and seeing Instagram as an exchange of travel guides.

mekong delta aengus tukel -
Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Source