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Marie Varley searches the country for her favourite Designers, and brings an innovative product made by them, to you on HeadStuff.org

Designgoat is an industrial design studio based in Dublin City, founded by Cian Corcoran & Ahmad Fakhry. After graduating from Industrial Design in NCAD, they decided to set up their own studio in Dublin in 2011. They are a multidisciplinary studio who have worked on a broad range of projects from furniture design to exhibition curation.”

They set up the studio in Dublin with the idea of enriching the city instead of leaving for greener pastures. 

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Design Goat Photo by Ellius Grace
“Dublin has a wealth of talent and interesting people and it’s only getting better. We had the luck to have our first studio in South Studios where there are loads of creatives working independently and collaboratively.”
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design goat, Photo by Design Goat
They are the experts behind many clever café interiors such as 3fe, Brother Hubbards and Indigo & Cloth. Their first job was with Colin Harmon of 3fe whom they learnt a lot about coffee shops from. Since then they say it’s been lesson after lesson with every job and they are still learning.  “We talk to a lot of people in a lot of industries. It’s how we got our first job and it continues to be a source of inspiration and collaboration. We work closely with our clients to deliver something that they need and we are proud of so there is a collaborative nature to all of our work.”
Design Goat, image by Design Goat headstuff.org
Design Goat, image by Design Goat
 A notable collaborative piece is the Dyflin chair and magazine rack. The collaboration on Dyflin was devised through numerous conversations and a shared appreciation for simplicity, functionality and a respect for Scandinavian lifestyle and traditions and a desire to bring them into an Irish context, using Irish manufacturing and materials. The chair and magazine rack are designed to be beautiful when they are not being used and invisible when they are.
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Design Goat
They do much of the prototyping and manufacture on their projects in-house and they have built close relationships with trusted local fabricators to realise the work.  Individually they draw inspiration from different things but they are mutually inspired by beautiful, simple, well made furniture. 
Last year the team were invited by ID2015 to curate a food exhibition. 
Appetite for Deisgn, Design Goat headstuff.org
Appetite for Deisgn, Design Goat
“The exhibition entitled Appetite for Design was a way to show what has been happening in the world of food design and to champion un-heralded designs like the Kimberly Mikado. We had designers from all over the world exhibit their work and we also ran a series of dinners with some great Irish chefs. We work a lot within the food industry as well as with food itself so it was great to bring these interests together and share it with everyone. “?
They have lots of interesting projects in the pipeline including the design for a space which has coffee in the front, liquor in the back and an office space in a beautiful old building. “
Images courtesy of Designgoat & Ellius Grace